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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ferrari 599 GTO: The new car Cristiano Ronaldo

Football star, Cristiano Ronaldo long as it's known as automotive enthusiasts, especially the latest sports cars. And most recently, the Portuguese footballer was caught riding a new car, the Ferrari 599 GTO.

Ronaldo some time ago was found driving a Ferrari 599 GTO painted black. Local media had dubbed the last car as the car Ronaldo aka Batman Batmobile.

One of the world players are now grazing with Real Madrid was driving a Ferrari 599 GTO to go eat at a Japanese restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal.

To note, the Ferrari 599 GTO is the car Ferrari terkencang ever made for the car on the highway.

Just imagine, Ferrari 599 GTO is able to accelerate from zero speed to 100 km / h in just 3.4 seconds with top speeds reaching 334.7 km / hour. Wow.

The ability of the GTO is its own beast derived from a V12 engine with a capacity of 6000 ccr with 6 speed transmission that can take a malignant GTO spraying power to 661 bhp with torque reaching 347 ft-lb is able to be achieved at 8250 rpm.

In addition because of the engine, the GTO toughness obtained also for some applications and designs are used in the Ferrari Formula 1 car prototype design they like 'nose' cars, spoilers and legs are finally capable of delivering up to 144 kg of downforce.

And to control a mad-powered car, then the chassis feels very influential role. Well, the Ferrari engineers also was also thinking the same thing, that's why they focus on this section until it can achieve a mix that makes the car almost did not have the effect of understeer (the car's rear wheels slip out of the track the way it should).

The power car that weighs 1295 kg is claimed Ferrari is more ferocious than the legendary Ferrari Enzo. GTO in the test circuit in a Ferrari at Fiorano even able to beat the speed record up to 1 second Enzo is faster.

Because that's not surprising that a car that stands for Gran Turismo has Omologata (GTO) is produced only in accordance with its name and in a very limited number of only 599 units.

While the Ferrari brand in the eyes of Ronaldo is not the foreign goods. There are several Ronaldo Ferrari in the garage of the house. In his garage even thought Ronaldo has a diverse collection of sports car when the calculation reaches two million pounds.

In 2009, Ronaldo was crowded even reported because of an accident with his Ferrari 599 GTB on a tunnel in Manchester on his way to Manchester United's training ground. Although the time of the accident, the car looks bad, but Ronaldo is not injured. Via: otodetik

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