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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Smart Car Toyota in Bangalore

Will of Indian consumers have more choice in small car segment with auto major Toyota is announcing the expected launch of Their small car by year 2010. Top Officials at Toyota recently said that the small car will from the make its debut in India very soon.

Toyota manufactures Innova and Corolla at its present facility in Bangalore. The company Imports Luxury Sedan Toyota Camry and Prado SUVs for the Indian markets.

Toyota will from use its second plant at Bidadi near Bangalore to manufacture the small car. Small car sector May see a lot of action Within next two years with many companies targeting Indian consumers.

Japanese auto major Suzuki and Korea's Hyundai Motors Also Announced Their plans to enter small car segment. Hyundai has witnessed a great response from Indian markets. Hyundai i10 was first launched in India.

Small cars get Concession in Excise duty compared to other Variants. Small cars are charged at 12% Excise duty only.

Deputy managing director Mr TKS. KK Swamy said that by year 2010, around 50 new models of cars will from be launched in Indian market for different segments. With so many new Variants, the consumer will from have a wide choice while the manufacturers will from have to face stiff competition. [via]

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