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Monday, October 18, 2010

1963 Hillman Imp Car Shortest in World

Perry Watkins from England is a wonderful man who once created a dining table that can be speeding? Well now Watkins makes the car more unique.

Watkins cars this one is very short in size, and even referred to as the shortest in the world. I wonder what there is to mind the man until he was able to build the car as high as 19 inches or 48 cm. Ground clearance was only 2 inches.

Beyond its unique shape is inspired by a private car that Batman Batmobile, this car is safe when driving.

So in short, a car named after this flatmobile get the Guinness world record as the shortest car in 2008.

And due to legal status, this flatmobile legitimate use on the highway. Flatmobile can accommodate 2 passengers only, there are steering wheel placed on the right and his legs still carry the 4 wheels. Let speeding Batmobile-style, DIY jet engine installed.

There is also a head lamp that functions exactly the same as most cars. Back design is unique, there is a large muffler that can shoot flames like a Batman car.

However, although safe to use, it turns out the owner is not allowed to drive a car at night for Reasons of safety. Because the lamp head lamp Lower Than other cars. Oh yes do not forget to wear Helmets.

Specifications Flatmobile (flatmobile Site)

Original Car: Hillman Imp 1963
Engine: Hillman Imp 875 Sport
Jet engines: gas turbine DIY
Suspension rear: Standard
Suspension front: Avro
Rims: Cosmic alloys 10x6J
Tires: Goodyear Eagles 205 x 50 x 10

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