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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Suzuki Swift India Launches Series One Million Units

NEW DELHI, celebrates achievement million unit sales in India, Maruti Suzuki India Limited mark by producing a limited edition. Incidentally, the millionth production fell in Swift, it was decided to launch a "Swift One Million Edition".

Number of marketed (for India), just 1000 units with one color black Goldsmith. Advantage over other Swift, among others, a new audio system, interior graphic design, USB connectivity, leather upholstery, carpet, until the new garnishes on the exterior.

Mayank Pareek, Managing Executive Officer, Maruti Suzuki, said that this achievement is a pride for the company. "Swift One million Edition is a reflection of us as a sense of appreciation, especially to consumers who continue to support in this business," Pareek said in its official site.

This limited the unit will dibanderol 483 079 rupees, equivalent to USD 93.3 million per unit. Since it was first launched in 2005 ago, Swift has sold 490 000 units in India.

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