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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Future Cars | Mercedes-Benz Presents Cyborg Cars

Future Cars
Ever imagine what kind of vehicles suitable for young children more adventurous in the next 2040 years? Mercedes-Benz tried to give its image, through the car cyborg?

Future cars this German manufacturer called Cyborg Sensation Vehicle (CSV), the work of the designer of China, Derek Chik Kin Ng.

Indeed this car is still far from production, Mercedes-Benz plans to pound the CSV-dealer dealership on 2040 next year, with the young adventurer segmentation targeting professionals, which of course filled with such dynamic designs.

Inspired by the concept of Mercedes-Benz F400, CSV is a very radical. Look at all four wheels, which even makes us wonder where is located the rubber round it.

Designers also wanted to give a sense of organic vehicles, so that the muscle fibers that flanked each side of the car, pinned neatly slipped into a hidden frame system.

The result is a design that takes the true adventurer DNA from a Mercedes-Benz evolution into an organic thing that could sped on the highway.

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