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Monday, January 25, 2010

British Debut of the 2010 White Subaru Legacy Wagon

Subaru Legacy Wagon

British debut of the 2010 white Subaru Legacy Wagon

Led zepplin better word, "The song remains the same." Especially if you're an American fan of the old station wagon good. You're seeing the newly released-to-our-shepherd's-pie-eating-brother 2010 Subaru Legacy Wagon, and we (once again) can not have it.

Based entirely on the fifth-generation Legacy (built right in Indiana) who Tourer comes standard with a 2.0-liter boxer diesel engine mated to the factory six-speed manual transmission. Particular car, the Legacy Tourer 2.0D, to hustle himself to 60 mph in 9.5 seconds, going 120 mph and get about 38 mpg. Not bad. You can also go for the 2.5i Tourer 2.5-liter gasoline boxer engine and a new "Lineartronic" CVT, famous for its longitudinally mounted boxer engine in the rear, which sounds very efficient. Gasoline-powered cars about one second slower to 60 mph and will cost more while getting worse gas mileage. Cheap Car.

Subaru we want to remind us they are selling the American Outback (which is a boost Legacy Wagon with plastic cladding and a name derived from the Paul Hogan), the Forester (the other high rise Legacy derivatives with high roof just like a station wagon) and Tribeca (the less said here, the better). Oh, and the Impreza / WRX also comes as a five-door. Hey, IMS is the only cart. In fact, the only Subaru cars sold in the U.S. without the rear hatch is ... Legacy. Subie Hey, you know how you make all-wheel drive standard on every car and that helps distinguish you from competitors? Why not go all the trains, all the time and see how that differentiates you? Just a suggestion. Car in 2010

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