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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hertz Rent Car: Leasing a Corvette Killer

Mustang GT350H
Hertz Rent Car
Hertz Rent Car: With Killer Corvette

You may have heard the term "Mustang Hertz" before. This refers to the special Mustang is officially known as the GT350H developed by Shelby for Hertz rental car company.

This year, Hertz is kicking things up a notch, offering a special rental version of the Chevrolet Corvette is called ZHZ.

The ZHZ based on the standard Corvette, and includes new LS3 with V8 sport exhaust that bumps power to 436 horsepower.

Like nearly every rental in North America, ZHZ's V8 is mated to an automatic transmission, although no benefit as a paddle-shift actuated.

Cool features include selective unique magnetic suspension and chrome-clad 18-inch front and rear 19-inch alloy wheels and special paint that covers the fiberglass-bodied Corvette in Hertz Yellow paint with black central mounting a pair of lines.

Inside, ZHZ have specific badging on the armrest and custom sewn mats, while the Hertz logo adorned the front bumper.

Hertz has commissioned General Motors to build 500 of ZHZ model, and the first run Corvette rental will be available exclusively at the main airports starting this month. Only 24 cities in the U.S. will offer ZHZ Corvette.

The famous black and gold striped Mustang made by returning to the fleet of Hertz celebrates 40 years back in 2006 as a star car in the Fun Collection. The next year, Hertz offers a convertible version of the same car.

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